Testbed in Aarhus for Precision Positioning and Autonomous Systems

What is TAPAS

Testbed in Aarhus for Precision Positioning and Autonomous Systems (TAPAS) is a next level GNSS real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning system for R&D purposes. TAPAS is based on 11 very densely positioned GNSS reference stations located in and around the city of Aarhus in Denmark with a distance between the reference stations of around only around 10 km resulting in a very accurate and stable system with a low time to fix. Data is transmitted in real-time from the GNSS stations to a data server and processing unit at DTU Space where RTK corrections are estimated and transmitted to end-users on the Internet. The users apply the corrections to obtain high accuracy positioning at the 1 cm-level in real-time in the most challenging urban environments such as street canyons. TAPAS data can be accessed free of charge for R&D purposes.

Background for establishing TAPAS

The demand for basic digital infrastructures in modern societies is increasing in line with the desire for green solutions that also allow for growth and efficiency. TAPAS is a research and development project aimed at addressing the demand for accurate real time positioning infrastructure. This is done by probing to which extent an improved infrastructure can contribute to exploit the full advantage of the technical possibilities of GNSS including the European Galileo service.

Autonomous systems within transport, agriculture or environmental monitoring, e.g. automated vehicles and machines, drones, marine units, constitute a very large growth area within a wide range of business opportunities. Since these systems are linked to geodetic reference systems, RTK and associated communications networks (Wi-Fi, 5G etc.) TAPAS provides necessary technical insights into the infrastructure needed for autonomous systems to be implemented.

How to get started

To access TAPAS correction data, you will need to register as a user with SDFI by filling in and signing a TAPAS User Agreement. The English language version of the user agreement can be downloaded from this page and can subsequently be submitted by e-mail to the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure your account or accessing data can also be sent to: galileo_dk@sdfi.dk.

TAPAS is funded by Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure (SDFI) and developed in close corporation with DTU Space and Aarhus municipality.